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Why Central Colorado?

In 2017, my husband and I made the decision to sell our home outside Kansas City and move to Colorado. Why Central Colorado?

Well, we would visit Colorado, at minimum, twice a year for more than 5 years and used Buena Vista as our home base while visiting other areas of the state. We could easily drive to pretty much anywhere in the state for a day trip from Buena Vista. As we became more familiar with Colorado and especially Chaffee County, we became more enamoured with everything the area had to offer. We've hiked, rafted, and off-roaded much of the state, but kept coming back to Central Colorado. With my husband retired and my job as owner of a video production and event services business, we did not need to live within minutes of a metropolitan area. As long as I could get to an airport to travel to my next video shoot or show, we had the flexibility of living in a small, rural community. Our home in Missouri sold the first day on the market and we were panicked about finding something we at least liked in Colorado. We were fortunate to find a home in the mountains on acreage in Buena Vista.

Which brings me back to my original query: Why Central Colorado?

COVID has brought many changes. I've had to shelve my video and event business and took the time off to train and become licensed as a realtor. And as a realtor, I have seen the many changes in how employers improvised to minimize the risk of COVID to both employees and customers. Working away from the office gradually become more of the norm and businesses came to realize employees can be just as productive working from home. As a result, many people are making the move to rural communities. They are moving to where they WANT to live while working and not where they HAVE to live to work.

And I see this as a positive change :)

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